In the Tambov region has sentenced members of the criminal group who have taken loans of 44 million rubles

В Тамбовской области осудили членов ОПГ, взявших кредиты на 44 млн рублей

The court in the town of Michurinsk, Tambov region sentenced to 5 and 4 years in prison two members of an organized criminal group, which managed to attract 87 citizens in order to make them more than 300 loans totaling more than 44 million rubles, said the Prosecutor’s office of the region.

“In the town of Michurinsk sentenced members of an organized criminal group stole more than 44 million roubles of credit institutions. Given the position of public Prosecutor, the court sentenced (Alexei) Gromov to 5 years of imprisonment with punishment serving in a corrective colony of a strict mode (Oleg) Karev to 4 years of imprisonment in colony of General regime”, — stated in the message.

They were found guilty of attempted fraud committed by an organized group, in especially large size and legalisation of the stolen means.

The court found that in June 2012 Gromov organized on the territory of the city of Michurinsk criminal group, which from June 2012 to July 2014 on pre-conceived scheme designed Bank loans to various citizens. In total, 11 banks 87 people they were able to take 315 loans totaling more than 44 million roubles, is spoken in the message of Prosecutor’s office. After that more than 26 million rubles, taken from credit institutions has been credited to the accounts 14 trade organizations, controlled by the group, and they in turn held a number of financial transactions, disguising the criminal origin of the money, puts the Supervisory authority.

Some attempts by the security service of the credit institution managed to stop.

Criminal cases against two other participants of criminal group on the basis of a pre-trial agreement on cooperation is allocated in separate manufacture, the report says.