Lawyer Polonsky called the possible amount of the claim to the businessman

Адвокат Полонского назвал возможную сумму иска к бизнесмену

The amount of the civil suit of the victim to businessman Sergei Polonsky will be much less than 1 billion rubles, told RIA Novosti lawyer of the defendant Slavik Broan.

“In the beginning of investigation of about 100 victims, said lawsuits. If you add up these claims, there are approximately 1.1 billion — this figure is conventional, and it will become less as the investigation with a certain number of agreements were concluded on the provision of apartments”, — said the lawyer, noting that the amount of the claim, which will be claimed by victims in court will be much less than a billion.

Thus, according to him, the damage was generally the result of Polonsky, is 2,656 billion.