The Ministry is working to increase unemployment benefits to 8 thousand rubles

Минтруд работает над повышением пособия по безработице до 8 тысяч рублей

The public Council at the Ministry of labour of the Russian Federation on Monday has considered the draft government decree on the minimum and maximum values of unemployment benefit for 2017, for the payment of benefits in the Federal budget for next year provides for 43 million rubles, the press service of the Ministry.

“The plan to bring unemployment benefits up to the subsistence level. But in the situation in which we are now forced to keep the size minimum and maximum at the level of last year respectively 850 and 4900 rubles. For the payment of unemployment benefits in the Federal budget for 2017 provides 43 million rubles”, — the press service quoted the Director of population employment Department of the Ministry of labor of the Russian Federation Mikhail Kirsanov.

According to him, now, a draft Federal law which aims to increase the maximum size of the unemployment benefit — 7,5-8 thousand rubles. Kirsanov said that the bill is being approved. According to the press service of the Ministry, the bill will be considered at the next meeting of the Public Council at the Ministry of labour.