White house grants to the States to do their own recount

Белый дом предоставляет штатам самостоятельно заниматься пересчетом голосов

White house grants to the States to do their own recount, said the press Secretary of the President of the USA Josh Ernest.

“The President expects that the elections administrators at the state level and will perform the work for which they are responsible,” said Ernest.

Under American law, the elections are conducted by States and the Federal government is practically devoid of options for intervention in the matter of the recount.

Green candidate Jill Stein previously filed for a recount in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, representatives from the campaigns of Hillary Clinton joined her. President-elect Donald trump called the attempts of conversion “fraud,” saying that they do not change the results.

Neither Stein nor Clinton did not challenge the election results at this stage. The initiator of the conversion, Stein stated that it is necessary to ensure fairness of the electoral process.

While trump has won all three States with relatively small separation from Clinton — from 11 thousand to 70 thousand votes. All the electoral votes from a state go to the winner of the popular vote in the state. In theory, if Clinton after a recount of votes will be declared the winner in three States where it is recalculated, she will be elected President instead of trump. Of Pennsylvania’s 20 electors, in Michigan 16, Wisconsin — 10. If trump will lose 36 electoral votes, and Clinton get them, then she will be able to collect the necessary 270 electoral votes to be elected President. The likelihood of this scenario is assessed as extremely low. However, a recount is not unprecedented in American history. The last time this occurred in 2000, when elections in a country is decided by the electors, Florida recount in this state continued for several weeks.