Zemfira will present the album “Little man. Live” at the end of December

Земфира представит альбом "Маленький человек. Live" в конце декабря

Zemfira will present the third concert album, “Little man. Live” at a concert in the capital Stadium, which will be held on 23 December, a message appeared on the official website of the singer.

On this day, the album will also appear in digital version on all digital platforms. To CD-ROM can only be at a concert in the Stadium since it will be limited edition and will be a gift for everyone, who will buy a ticket.

“A concert recording made in “Olympic” became the basis of a new live album, “the Little man. Live”. In the foreign part of the tour the concert set list was supplemented by several songs that have not been performed in Russia, in the end the number of tracks on the album “Little man. Live” has increased to 30 — the singer wanted to show listeners what was played on this tour throughout the year. Mixing and mastering of tracks was carried out by the British Studio specialists”, — is spoken in the message.

Tour the “Little man”, which started on 4 February, covered 20 cities of Russia and abroad. During a concert in Nizhny Novgorod Zemfira said that her current tour will be the last. He was to end the only concert in Moscow on 1 April, but once all the tickets were sold out, added a second concert on April 3.

The first album, called “Zemfira”, was released in 1999, then she went to the first tour. This was followed by the albums “Forgive me my love” (2000), “Fourteen weeks of silence” (2002), “Vendetta” (2005), “Thank you” (2007), “Live in your head” (2013).