Academician: at the center of galaxies are not black holes, “wormholes”

Академик: в центре галактик находятся не черные дыры, а "кротовые норы"

At the center of galaxies, according to the latest research by Russian scientists that are not black holes, as previously thought, but the so-called “wormholes”, said Tuesday the head of the Astro space center of Lebedev physics Institute, academician of the RAS Nikolai Kardashev.

“At the center of galaxies are not “black holes” and “wormholes”” he said at the conference “Cosmonautics of the XXI century”.

“Wormholes,” a hypothetical object in the Universe, “tunnels” in space. The existence of such objects is still not proved, but is widely used in the entertainment industry, specifically, this concept was the basis for the recent film Christopher Nolan “interstellar”.