Analysts expect pre-election rhetoric of Putin’s address to Parliament

Политологи ждут предвыборной риторики в послании Путина парламенту

The traditional annual address by President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly equally reflect international and domestic topics, they are closely intertwined due to the world political changes; at the same time part of the presidential speech, which will deal with domestic issues, it will be possible to consider the election: Russia is on the threshold of a presidential campaign in 2018, but because it is expected that the President will present his vision of specific crisis measures for the future, according to respondents RIA Novosti the scientists.

The President will deliver a message on 1 December. In accordance with the Constitution, he annually addresses the Parliament with a message about the situation in the country and major directions of domestic and foreign policy. This software is a political and legal document that expresses the vision of the head of the state strategic directions of Russia’s development in the near future. It includes political, economic, ideological position and specific proposals for legislative work of the Parliament.

Without the international agenda will not do this time

According to the analyst, the expert of Institute gumanitarno-political researches Vladimir Slatinov, in the presidential message of the international dimension and domestic policy are closely intertwined. “Out of Russia to a trajectory of sustained growth is impossible without normal relations with the West in one form or another,” he says.

The changes that have occurred in the last few months, Slatinov believes, will be reflected in the Epistle, not only because of their signification as such. In recent times, after the victory of Donald trump in the presidential election in the United States, vote for Brexit in the UK, the latest results of the primaries in France, said the analyst, in the rhetoric of President Putin markedly change the emphasis. The expert believes that the President is trying to convey to new and future Western leaders “the kind of idea that Russia is ready to a kind of strategic compromise to end the confrontation.”

According to him, “we see the arrival in the developed Western countries of conservatives, clear the right Bank, we see the arrival of the people who profess the so-called concept of political realism”. And this is Slatinov considers, opens a window of opportunities for Russia, in order to, “at least to reduce the degree of confrontation, and, perhaps, to reformat the relationship.”

“I think there will be a message to has actually new and future Western leaders are more conservative wing that Russia is ready for a historic compromise with the West, reformatting relations, the resumption of real partnerships, for example, in Syria and other international issues, and that Russia is ready for cooperation Advisory with appropriate willingness to change its policy on their part,” — says the interlocutor of the Agency.

The so-called retaliatory measures of Russia on the introduction of Western sanctions, said the expert, of course, helped some local areas. In addition, he said, speaking on restoring growth and incomes, without reformatting relations with the West, including shifting resources from defense and security expenditures to development, “it is impossible”.

The same opinion and the President of Fund “the Petersburg policy” Michael Vinogradov, who notes that the degree of reflection of the internal and foreign policy issues in the message will be comparable. “Because it is clear that there are foreign policy events that are difficult to pass, that, including the victory trump and so on,” he said.

Campaign rhetoric?

Director of the Center for political information Alexei Mukhin, on the contrary, gives priority to domestic issues, and although “it is difficult to predict the main points of the document”, which is still being edited, the expert believes that the President will put the emphasis precisely on domestic policy and on what remains to be done in a short period.

“Of course, the foreign policy vector of development of the country for the current government, he is successful. And it would be very tempting to make it the primary when address to the Federal Assembly… of the State Duma of the Russian Federation just elected, and from the reallocation of rooms and space has just embarked on legislative activities, but it is in any case does not justify the deputies, and will only make them faster and more attentive to the performance of their duties. I think it will be the purpose the main part of the message” — said Mukhin.

Slatinov inclined to think that the speech on domestic issues will be partly pre-election message, “because we are still slowly enter into a presidential campaign.” Against this background, said the Agency is likely to expect that Putin will be given a “more or less a clear signal of how the President sees anti-crisis perspective”.

“The population for a very long time frightened and frightening now talk about the decades of stagnation, that the future is hopeless and so on. The President has repeatedly invoked in these messages a kind of therapy. I think at this time he also will do it. On it is now working and (Alexei) Kudrin, and I think it will be the election program, but make a reservation — if Putin will go for the next term. It is at least in draft form should sound,” explained the analyst.

Vinogradov noted that the message will be treated as such, i.e. pre-election, “no matter what are the intentions of Putin in the presidential elections.” “To consider (so) will, in any case, no matter what the emphasis will be put”, — the expert believes.

Mukhin, in turn, noted that social tension, which is now recorded, you need to remove the “not empty promises,” but the real work of the deputies and representatives of the Executive vertical, and the perception of a presidential speech, it also must be considered.

“I think that Putin will try to take as allies of the newly elected State Duma and the correct way to Orient the Senate body and the team representing the Executive vertical, demanding to speed up the social and economic direction”, — concluded the analyst.