At “Glavkino” will host the international forum in the field of cinema and TV

На площадке "Главкино" пройдет международный форум в области кино и ТВ

Agreement on organization and conduct of the first annual international forum in the field of film and television industry at the site chinatelevision complex “Glavkino” signed on Tuesday, the Director General of “Glavkino” Vladislav Melnikov and the Director of Fund “Recongress” Alexander Stuglev, the press service of “Rockingness”.

Glavkinoteleforum will be dedicated to both film and television. Under the signed agreement the parties intend to cooperate to identify and develop business contacts with domestic and foreign residents, as well as attracting foreign investments in the Russian economy for projects in the field of film and television industry.

“Representatives of the film industry and television have long been working in close cooperation with each other, but still they did not have a single meeting place for dialogue. Therefore, together with the Fund “Recongress” we create a platform, which I hope will make a significant contribution to the development of both industries,” — the press service quoted the words of Vladislav Melnikov.

Alexander Stuglev noted that “Glavkino” is a quality site that you want to use under important professional events on a global scale. It is estimated that in the first year of the forum the number of official delegates may be three to five thousand people.

Fund “Recongress” was formed in 2007 to organize and conduct the St. Petersburg international economic forum. The Foundation seeks to develop the economic potential of Russia and strengthen the country’s image through the organization and conduct of conference and exhibition activities of the economic and social orientation. Chinatelevision complex “Glavkino” rents a film set with chinatelevision equipment. In addition, the company provides a full cycle of activities — pre-production, production, post-production and distribution of film and TV content.