Belgian billionaire wants to build a Moscow Museum and tourist center

Бельгийский миллиардер хочет построить в Москве музейно-туристический центр

Belgian billionaire mark Eli Klein proposes to build over the Moscow river Museum and tourist mega-center with a total area of 50 thousand square meters.

“This will be the only one in the world for its uniqueness in the architectural, innovative, technological and environmental terms, the project of a new generation that does not require public funding, but rather a contributor to economic prosperity,” the businessman told RIA Novosti.

According to him, the building could be not only unparalleled tourist destination, but also the pedestrian bridge over the Moscow river. “I think our center will be able to visit up to 4 million people,” said mark Eli Klein.

He said that the structure of the building will include three levels – panoramic hotel rooms and 360-degree rotating restaurant, commercial boutiques, and, the highlight, the Museum of the history of Russia from its origins to the present time.

“My concept provides for a more interesting approach than just wax grévin Museum in Paris. It is a completely virtual exhibition, which will feature all the great personalities of Russian history from Ivan the terrible to Joseph Stalin. Visitors will even be able to hear the voices of all the characters, because modern technologies allow to restore the voice of a particular person. The Museum will also be reproduced in the virtual three-dimensional measurements of key historical events, for example, the battle of Kulikovo and the battle of Stalingrad, the retreat of Napoleon’s army and the murder of Nicholas II and the Russian revolution. Visitors will have the feeling that they are real participants in the scenes with the original noise, fireworks and climatic effects,” said a Belgian businessman.

He is convinced that all those who will come to Moscow, will try to visit the Museum of the new generation. According to the businessman, “we are ready to transfer part of the profits from ticket sales to the charity or Fund who will show us the President of Russia Vladimir Putin”.