Children Kadyrov gave the coach a birthday Porsche

Дети Кадырова подарили тренеру на день рождения Porsсhe

Coach sons of the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, Abdul-Kerim Edilov, who recently turned 24, said Ahmad, Ali and Adam presented him with a birthday Porsche Panamera.

Abdul-Kerim Edilov — fighter of the mixed style, is the champion of Russia on integrated martial arts, world champion in universal fight, the champion of Moscow in combat Sambo.

“Praise be to God that he has given me everything in this life, and most importantly, these brothers like Ahmad, Ali and Adam… Yesterday, on my birthday, they gave me a gift that I could never dream of — gave the car Porsche Panamera,” wrote the coach in martial arts in his Instagram, stressing that the biggest gift for him is the presence of children of the head region in his life.


Edilov also expressed gratitude to Kadyrov for involvement in his life, calling him her father and brother. “You’re out of your face became my father, my brother, always around to support me! You are an example for me of courage, of patriotism, of piety and love for his people, and this played a major role in my development as a person, as an athlete, as a person! I give you my word that I will never forget,” wrote the athlete.

In October 2016 anti-doping Agency of the USA (USADA) disqualified Adilova 15 months for the use of Meldonium. The period of Ineligibility begins on 7 January 2016. From that date, forfeited all results of the athlete.