Dog breeders of Yakutia will get a unique dogs from South Korea

Кинологи Якутии получат уникальных собак из Южной Кореи

Employees of the Institute Sooam Biotech Research Foundation (South Korea) on Tuesday passed to the handlers of the Yakut regional branch of the Russian military historical society three cloned dogs, this is the first experience not only for the region but for Russia as a whole, have informed RIA of news the representative a press-services Severo-East Federal University.

“The event is timed to the 60th anniversary of University education in Yakutia. Professor of the Korean Institute of Hwang Woo-Seok will read Tuesday at NEFU a lecture on “Biotechnology of animals: present and future”, followed by transfer of cloned dogs”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, three dogs of the breed Belgian Malinois cloned in laboratories Sooam BRF from the cells of the best in Korea-sniffing dogs. Already confirmed that the puppies have inherited unique abilities of the dog. The University noted that it will be the first cloned sniffer dogs in Russia. They will be used to search for drugs.

According to NEFU, the Korean Fund Sooam biotech is the world’s only scientific institution, where there are cloning dogs. Today a group of scientists under the leadership of Professor and head of the Fund, the Hwang Woo-Seok has cloned more than 800 dogs. These animals are made to sniff out explosives and drugs in Korea, USA, China.

NEFU cooperation with Korean Fund for biotechnology research SOAAM launched in 2012 — organized joint expeditions, scientific the project “revival of the mammoth” in search of a living cell for cloning an ancient fossil. Scientists selected for the research cell of a mammoth, and cave lion cubs found in Yakutia.-0-