Employee of counterintelligence of Germany suspected of planning terrorist attacks in Cologne

Сотрудника контрразведки ФРГ заподозрили в планировании терактов в Кельне

Member of the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution (BfV, the German intelligence service) suspected Islamist propaganda and planning of the terrorist attack at the Central Bureau of BfV in Cologne, said Tuesday the newspaper Die Welt, citing a source in the security services.

As notes the edition, we are talking about a 51-year-old citizen of Germany, which under the false name was made by online Islamist propaganda, and leaked classified information. According to the newspaper, the man allegedly confirmed this information during interrogation, explaining that a terrorist attack would be “the will of Allah.” However, the evidence of specific preparation for the explosion investigators there.

According to the weekly Spiegel, the suspect within four weeks were monitored, the investigation is Prosecutor’s office of Dusseldorf. In relation to men issued an arrest warrant.