Forbes named the most grossing Christmas movies

Forbes назвал самые кассовые рождественские фильмы

Forbes magazine published a list of the 25 most popular movies on Christmas. In the top picture, which became the most grossing in the box office.

First place was taken by the movie “home Alone” with Macaulay Kalkin in the title role. The work of Director Chris Columbus, telling of the boy who defeated two robbers, was released in 1990. In American theaters, it has collected 285,76 million dollars, and in world — 476,68 million.

In second place was fixed “how the Grinch stole Christmas” with Jim Carrey. The tape, filmed in 2000, managed to collect U.S. $ 260 million.

Forbes назвал самые кассовые рождественские фильмы
A scene from the movie “how the Grinch stole Christmas”

Third place was taken by the film “Polar Express” the journey of a little boy to the North pole, released in 2004, directed by Robert Zemeckis. He gathered 183,37 million dollars in American theaters and 306,85 million in the world.

Forbes назвал самые кассовые рождественские фильмы
Scene from the cartoon “Polar Express”

Followed by another picture of Macaulay Kalkin — “home Alone 2: Lost in new York” — with the cashier 173,59 million dollars. Fifth place went to the film “Elf” with fees 173,40 million.

Completing the top-10 films “Santa Claus” (144,83 million dollars), “Santa Claus 2” (139,24 million), “a Christmas story” (137,86 million), “Four Christmases” (120.15 obstacle million) and “Santa Claus-3” (24.5 million).