In Bashkiria, where children went to school with axes, punish officials

В Башкирии, где дети ходили в школу с топорами, наказали чиновников

The Prosecutor of Bashkiria has punished local officials who violate the rights of minors — the children of the village Verkhniy Nugush, who had to get to school through the woods, armed with axes in case of attack of wild animals, told RIA Novosti senior assistant Prosecutor of the region Guzel Masagutova.

The story of the students of the school of the village Galiakberovo caused a wide public resonance. In the Internet appeared video in which a group of children walking through the woods, except for the satchel in the hands of children holding axes. The village of Verkhniy Nugush is located in a remote mountainous area, so children have to travel up to school about 10 kilometers. On the road between the villages can be reached only on emergency vehicles or SUV.

After that, the Ministry of education of the region offered to parents to arrange their children to boarding school in the 70 km away from the village and the local administration promised to allocate an SUV to transport children.

The Prosecutor’s office of Bashkortostan has organized a check and found that local officials have not organized the construction of roads and transportation of students from remote villages to the training venue and back. The parents of five children 5-11 classes were forced to carry children to school.

В Башкирии, где дети ходили в школу с топорами, наказали чиновников

According to Masagutova, officials are attracted to responsibility diciplinary.

In addition, at the request of the district Prosecutor declared strict reprimand to the first Deputy head of the district municipality and the Department of education and the Director of rural school children.