In Tambov have denounced the man, who took the pledge from people for the sale of the apartment

В Тамбове осудили мужчину, взявшего залог у людей для продажи квартиры

The court in Tambov region sentenced a resident of Tambov to 4 years in prison for fraud amounting to more than 3 million rubles, which he took as collateral from 9 different buyers ostensibly for the sale of his apartment, according to prosecutors in the region.

“The Oktyabrskiy district court of Tambov city handed down the sentence against 39-year-old resident of Tambov, who was found guilty of committing crimes under part 2 and 3 of article 159 of the criminal code (fraud committed in large and especially large sizes)… the court sentenced him to punishment in the form of 4 years of imprisonment with serving in a corrective colony of General regime”, — stated in the message.

The court found that for almost a year never employed 39-year-old man was repeatedly placed ads on the website А on the sale of the apartment he and his wife on the right of joint property acquired in a mortgage.

During this time approached 9 potential buyers, each of which he managed to take from 10 thousand to one million rubles. Some of the transferred money as a Deposit, others in advance, and others — to solve the issue of lifting the burden from the apartment.

“When later on some of the buyers refused to purchase the apartment and asked them to return the transferred advance payment, the defendant explained that the money they spent and promised to return later. The total amount stolen thus cash amounted to more than 3 million rubles”, — stated in the message.

In addition, as explained in the press release to the satisfaction of the claims 5 victims, the court sought to convict in favor of their more than two million rubles.