In the theater. Obraztsova will host an evening dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Zinoviy Gerdt

В театре им. Образцова пройдет вечер, посвященный 100-летию Зиновия Гердта

At the State puppet theatre named after Sergei Obraztsov November 29 will host an event called “Words written in a column”, devoted to the 100 anniversary from the birthday of people’s artist of the USSR Zinovy Gerdt, reported RIA Novosti in the press service of the theater.

“We decided to talk to him on the subtle language of poetry, which Gerdt loved. “Words written in a column” is the name of our night, woven from the memoirs and poems. It Gerdt will stand in the way of Charlie Chaplin, the little man, but such a large…. From Maurice Maeterlinck in “the Blue bird” is a wonderful phrase about left — “when I remember — they live”, — told RIA Novosti chief Director Boris Konstantinov.

В театре им. Образцова пройдет вечер, посвященный 100-летию Зиновия Гердта
Zinovy Gerdt. Archive photo

Famous entertainer in the legendary play “Unusual concert”, the national artist of the USSR Zinovy Efimovich Gerdt this year would have turned 100 years old. He was born in 1916 and on the theatrical scene came at the age of sixteen years. In June 1941, Zinovy Efimovich has volunteered for the front. Immediately after the war, on June 28, 1945, was accepted into the troupe of the puppet Obraztsova, where he made his debut in the role of the Author in the play “Mowgli”.

Gerdt worked 40 years in theatre, where he played 33 roles. Since 1947, 35 years Gerdt played the role of Entertainer in “the Extraordinary concert”, the show that has traveled the world and in each country the actor turned to the audience in their native language. Gerdt played in this most famous play of the theater of the role of the Baritone, an old Gypsy, conductor of jazz, Zoe Mayonnaise, Venus Pugovkina.

“Doll is rare (but has happened) gave me this exquisite pleasure that one can experience only a puppeteer. Had such moments when you completely forget the essence of his — she left in a piece of foam that had the spirit and ability to touch hearts…” — wrote Zinovy Gerdt.