Karjakin said about his chances in the fight for the chess crown

Карякин рассказал о своих шансах в борьбе за шахматную корону

Sergey Karjakin after the 12th game of the match for the chess crown said that he felt insecure of his opponent Magnus Carlsen. According to Russian grandmaster, the reigning world champion did not use their advantage.

In the 12th party players agreed to a draw after 30 moves. The meeting lasted less than 40 minutes.

The final score remained a draw — 6:6.

The Norwegian used the advantage

Carlsen during a game that ended in a draw, was playing the white pieces, which allowed him to be more active.

“It is, in fact, changed all the figures, agreed to a draw. That is, playing white, you have a slight advantage, and he did not even try to develop… If he had a comfortable situation, he certainly would have played (to win) white color”, — quotes the words of the Treaty the Agency “R-Sport”.

Feat for Karjakin

The Russians said that a draw against Carlsen feat.

“Of course, he’s a brilliant chess player, and plays brilliantly as a classic, and fast (chess). He is the current world champion and therefore it is clear that the fact that I was able to play with him 6:6 in classical chess, it is possible to tell, feat. But I’m not going to stop,” said Karjakin.

The Russians noted that it is not going to stop there.

“Ahead of the tie-break, very difficult because we will play four games in one day. It is at least… Will be a very difficult day, but we will prepare for it,” said the grandmaster.

What’s next

The world champion will be determined on November 30 on a tie-break. Carlsen and Karjakin will play four games in rapid chess, and if the account remains equal, it will be assigned bizmatch of the two parties.

In case of a draw game is still to four of these Bliznatci. If they do not identify a winner, it will be assigned the decisive party — the so-called “Armageddon”, in which white has five minutes and black four.

Chess player, playing white must win — in the event of a tie the champion will be playing black.

In the first set tie-break, the Russian will play with white pieces.