Kosachev said the hypocritical appeal of the Bundestag to new sanctions against Russia

Косачев назвал лицемерным призыв бундестага к новым санкциям против России

Each new call to impose sanctions against Russia over Syria is an attempt to protect their parochial political interests, the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev.

Canada imposed sanctions against 15 people, including six state Duma deputies from the Crimea. A number of German politicians called for tougher sanctions against Russia because of the situation in Syria.

“Each new call to impose new sanctions against Russia over Syria is nothing more than the protection of its own, and for the most part parochial political interests at the expense of real interaction of all those who actually share values and interests,” the Senator wrote in Facebook on Tuesday.

According to him, the fate of radical Islamists in Aleppo, apparently, a foregone conclusion. “As a result of offensive actions of government troops, sent by the Syrian President (Bashar) Assad, full control of the city can be restored within a month or two. Long overdue,” — said Kosachev.

Syrian government troops liberated from the terrorists for days 14 districts in Eastern Aleppo, in areas controlled by the rebels, left more than 8.5 thousand civilians, said Tuesday the Russian center for the reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria.

“Meanwhile, intensified political and informational attack on Russia on this issue, although Russia is not involved in the bombing urban neighborhoods for more than a month. And now my colleague in the German Bundestag Norbert röttgen suddenly demanded a tightening of anti-Russian sanctions “for Syria”. And there are many,” said Kosachev.

Answering the question about the reasons of such appeals, Kosachev believes that “on the eve of the fall of the stronghold of terrorists in Eastern Aleppo preparing the ground to explain to their own constituents why they repeatedly fail to win this war between good and evil, and we have obtained”. They say, “good still on our side, we are humanists, and they are not, we are all white, they are in black, our conscience is clear, and they now don’t sleep at night,” wrote the MP.

According to him, all this is hypocritical and cynical. “War is, alas, not conducted in white gloves, and tongue-in-cheek “humanism” in such daunting situations, like Syria, only leads to new victories of terrorists and to new victims among those who are “humanists” supposedly protect”, he said.