Matvienko has proposed legislation to determine the status of self-employed people

Матвиенко предложила законодательно определить статус самозанятых граждан

Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko instructed to March 1, 2017 profile committees on the budget and social policy to develop amendments to the legislation governing the legal status of self-employed people.

Senators on Tuesday adopted amendments to the tax legislation, amending the Tax code, as well as establishing privileges for two years to pay taxes for self-employed people. In accordance with the amendments to the self-employed include nannies, nurses, Tutors, cleaners.

Informed Matvienko has expressed outrage at the fact that the Finance Ministry has prescribed the rate of self-employed in budget amendments not highlighting it in a separate law and not agreeing with the regions.

“It is unclear why these categories of people identified as self-employed, they are getting good salaries, they have employers. For them who will pay contributions to the HIF,” said the speaker.

She stressed that payment at the regional level in the mandatory health insurance Fund provided only for the unemployed.

“Again, without asking the regions, rude climbed to the regional budgets,” — said the MP.

She also believes that after two years of tax breaks self-employed not go to register, they have no incentive. As a solution to the question, Matvienko has proposed to issue a patent to them, for example, cost of 5 thousand rubles per year. She instructed the relevant committees before March 1, 2017 to study the legislative amendments relating to the status of self-employed people.

The specialized committees also received a Protocol request of the chamber to contact the government to determine the legal status of self-employed.