Politico said, who wants to prevent Trump to improve relations with Russia

Politico рассказал, кто хочет помешать Трампу улучшить отношения с Россией

The US President-elect, Donald trump, embodying the campaign slogans of improving relations with Russia, will face resistance on several fronts, writes Politico.

After interviewing more than a dozen officials and experts, Politico faced with a General rejection of such developments. Trump steps aimed at rapprochement with Moscow, would provoke opposition among members of Congress, European allies, experts on national security and perhaps even among the advisors to the new American leader.

Many analysts, the newspaper writes, agree that Moscow is counting on the recognition of the Crimea Russia and the lifting of sanctions and reduction of military and political presence of the USA in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. In exchange, Moscow can offer Washington military partnership directed against IG (a group banned in Russia). Currently, however, agreement on these issues is likely to cause an outcry in the United States and in Europe, writes Politico.

“Such developments do not support neither the military nor the intelligence nor the state Department nor the Republicans, nor our allies,” quoted former U.S. representative to NATO Ivo Daalder.

Moreover, many of the nominees of trump’s opponents of rapprochement with Russia, says the publication. For example, Vice-President Mike Pence during the debate, talked about “Russian provocations”, which should contain the “power of America”. The future Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo — another appointee trump called the measures taken by the US to counter Russia in the Ukrainian question, “absolutely insufficient”. And MITT Romney, who is considered one of the main contenders for the position of head of the state Department, in 2012, generally called Russia “geopolitical enemy number one” for the United States.

Difficulty waiting for a new President and in Congress, says Politico. Republicans have long criticized Obama for, in their opinion, insufficiently tough stance on the Crimean and the Ukrainian question, so the new President will not be easy to garner support even among his own party comrades. And if the sanctions imposed by the Executive orders Obama, trump may cancel yourself, the lifting of sanctions imposed in 2012 in connection with the “Magnitsky case” is impossible without the approval of Congress, which will be very difficult to obtain.

And that’s not to mention the fact that in military circles and among the intelligence community in Russia is traditionally perceived as a threat, writes Politico.

So, a senior Pentagon spokesman Evelyn Farkas believes that intelligence “is a big problem” to make a radical turn in relations with Russia, against which they constantly worked. Although the military and scouts are subject to the Supreme Commander, they are quite capable to provide passive resistance to his policies by a variety of bureaucratic delays.

As an example, Politico cites the actual failure of the Pentagon to implement the agreements reached this fall by Secretary Kerry on the issue of combating group ISIS in Syria.