Russia may lose the status of great space power, the scientist believes

Россия рискует потерять статус великой космической державы, считает ученый

The space industry of the Russian Federation is stagnating and ensures the preservation of Russia in the XXI century status as a leading space power, said on Tuesday, a member-correspondent of RAS, Director of the SEC “Kosmonet” Grigory Chernyavsky.

“The space industry continues to be in a state of stagnation and does not provide, in my opinion, the preservation of Russia in the XXI century status as a leading space power. New Federal space program is also disconcerting, especially after the reductions in state funding. It seems that this question requires serious solutions,” he said at the conference “Cosmonautics of the XXI century”.

Federal space program (BFC) for 2016-2025 provides for the first stage of the development of orbital grouping of space vehicles of socio-economic and scientific purposes to the minimum necessary composition mainly due to satellites that were created in previous years. Partial re-equipment is envisaged for the second phase, from 2021.

The PCF financing planned in the amount of 1,521 trillion. Plans flight tests of the heavy Angara rocket with the manned spacecraft of new generation software launches from the Baikonur “East” in 2023, the lunar exploration with the launch of her five spacecraft, the continued operation of the ISS and participation in ExoMars.