Saved from suicide girl and had tried to commit suicide

Спасенная от суицида девочка и раньше пыталась покончить с собой

The situation with the girl from the Stavropol region, who was going to commit ritual suicide and which prevented the inhabitant of Irkutsk, is not easy, it was not her first suicide attempt, said to RIA Novosti, Stavropol children’s Ombudsman Svetlana Adamenko.

“The danger is always there, because the child is not easy, this is the second suicide attempt this girl. Today abandoned all efforts of psychologists, including those experienced by the, psychiatrists in order to understand the situation. Working with family, work girl, work class, where she studied, which is in complex, because the situation is difficult,” — said Adamenko on a question of correspondent of RIA Novosti, is there a danger that the girl will try to harm herself.

The Ombudsman said that, nevertheless, the girl feels fine now and “adequately assesses the situation, realizes that she was wrong”, and this trend is important to keep.

“The family is absolutely safe… and something to think about the fact that she has a tough situation in the family, we are not inclined to it. The family and the school is characterized by fine. On the subject of psychological pressure in family, uncomfortable relations in the class — while this is not observed,” — said Adamenko.

The Ombudsman reported that in the year in the region is not less than 8-10 cases of suicide, but attempts a much more “more than a hundred.” “We have to understand that it is latent, hidden. And very often for simple drug poisoning, for a tragic injury or a bruise or a cut, the doctors often hide an attempt to suicide — sometimes at the request of the parents… this should be created in each region a special service that would help to recognize cases and attempts to understand the causes and, most importantly, in the consequences,” said the Commissioner.