The Chairman: Putin in the message to Parliament, say on taxes and the oversight

Глава ТПП: Путин в послании парламенту скажет о налогах и надзоре

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin in his annual address to the Federal Assembly will devote considerable attention to economic questions and will cover the topics of business climate, tax policy, long-term loans for Industrialists, as well as control and supervision activities, the President Trading-industrial chamber of Russia Sergey Katyrin.

Putin will deliver his annual address to the Federal Assembly on 1 December.

“Of course, we believe that it will affect improving the business climate in the country. Let me remind you that in the latest world Bank’s Doing Business we take 40 place, though in the past, 2015, year was 51, but a few years ago, even in the first hundred were not included, so the progress is obvious. But there was still a lot about it, I think the President will say,” Katyrin told RIA Novosti.

He also believes that the President will raise the issue of Russian business in foreign markets, especially medium and small businesses, as large and himself in virtue of their material capabilities, according to Katyrin, to cope with this task.

“One of the sources of economic growth in developed countries have become small and medium enterprises, and more than a third of them conducts export activities. In Russia, however, such exporters to ten times less and their contribution to the total volume of Russian export in monetary terms is only 6%,” — said the head of the chamber of Commerce.

Taxes and “long money”

The business continued Katyrin, care and the issue of stability of the tax system and, more generally, all legislation governing its activities. He expressed hope that the President will point out that in this area no unexpectedness will exist, and the tax burden will not grow, the business environment does not deteriorate.

“Entrepreneurs, as a cheap “long money”. The industry development Fund supports promising projects and provides medium manufacturing enterprises, Finance available at 5% per annum for seven years,” said Katyrin. However, according to him, today the Fund’s capacity to more than ten times smaller than the demands of the business, submitted applications for 1612 512 billion rubles.

“The business community of the country believes that it is necessary to increase the lending capacity of the Fund, and in any case not to cut them. This investment in our future”, — said the head of the chamber of Commerce.

Katyrin believes that the President will mention the question of control and Supervisory activities. “The number of business inspections, planned for 2017, fell by three times compared with the current year due to application of a risk-based approach, the necessity of the application of which the CCI had already said long ago,” he said.

Work on improvement of Supervisory activities, says the business community must continue to “output” to clear rules that help businesses, not hindering his work redundant checks, able to paralyze the work of any enterprise, concluded the Katyrin.

Глава ТПП: Путин в послании парламенту скажет о налогах и надзоре