The DNR restore the memorial “Saur-Grave”

В ДНР восстанавливают мемориал "Саур-Могила"

The Ministry of construction and housing of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic started to restore the memorial “Saur-Grave”, which was destroyed in the fighting in 2014, with the construction of the chapel.

The memorial complex “Saur-Grave” was built after the great Patriotic war on the mound, where during the war there was a fierce bloody battles. It was an Eminence, after the capture of which began the liberation of Donbass from Nazi invaders. In summer 2014, the battle for the Kurgan was fought between the militia DND and Ukrainian law-enforcers. During the fighting, the memorial complex was virtually destroyed.

“According to the decree of the head of Republic Alexander Zakharchenko “On approval of the Passport of public interest targeted programme “Restoration of the memorial “Saur-Grave”, in mid-November on the mound, work began on the construction of a chapel in memory of the fallen heroes of the militia”, — is spoken in the message of press-service of the Ministry of construction.

The construction of the chapel is planned to finish by may. The Ministry said that this is the first stage of reconstruction of the memorial complex. After that, I plan to start restoration of the obelisk and the monument to Soviet Army soldiers, as well as the construction of the Museum complex.

“At the moment, dug a pit, made a pillow under the Foundation phase of work on pouring the Foundation. Next schedule will start the construction of monolithic walls, stairs, ramps, Gables, roofing, domes, internal and external facing work,” added the Ministry.

Saturday at the memorial complex “Saur-Grave”