The state Department approved the sale to Poland of rockets and modifications to the F-16 aircraft

Госдеп одобрил продажу Польше ракет и модификаций к самолетам F-16

The US state Department has approved a possible deal to sell Poland-launched missiles out of range of air defenses, and for the modernization of F-16 fighters to the Polish air force, the statement said the office of military cooperation of the Ministry of defense.

“Poland made a request about a possible deal for 70 missiles AGM-158B-class air-to-surface, having an increased range with distances out of range of air defense systems, and improvement of aircraft of the Polish air force F-16C/D…”, — reads the statement, which also notes that the deal can enter the missile containers and other equipment.

The cost of this program is estimated at $ 200 million.