Ukraine will complete the installation of the sarcophagus over the fourth power Chernobyl

На Украине завершат установку саркофага над четвертым энергоблоком ЧАЭС

Engineers Tuesday completed the installation of a new protective sarcophagus over the fourth reactor of Chernobyl in the Ukraine.

In the solemn events dedicated to the completion of the installation of large-scale construction will take the leadership of Ukraine, the European Bank for reconstruction and development (EBRD), representatives of donor countries and heads of international companies, who were engaged in the construction of the facility.

After entering arches into operation in November 2017 will begin the dismantling of the old sarcophagus and the damaged rector. These works are planned to be completed by 2023. The result should be the transformation of the object into an environmentally safe system that will protect the environment from radiation.

Work on the construction of a new shelter over the fourth unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant began in 2007. New modern facility designed to replace an old concrete shelter, which was established immediately after the accident in 1986. Under the influence of radiation and external factors, the object is gradually destroyed, which poses a threat of leakage, as today the unit holds about 200 tons of radioactive material.

The construction of the sarcophagus is the international consortium Novarka, formed by French companies, the project also involves Ukrainian contractors. Initially construction was to be completed by 2012-2013, however due to lack of funding, the deadlines repeatedly shifted.

The construction of the shelter is funded by international donors, to this end, under the control of EBRD established a special donor’s Fund “Shelter”, only contributions to the construction made of 45 countries, including Ukraine itself, Russia and the United States.

The facility was planned to spend 800 million euros, but due to technical miscalculations, the cost increased by 615 million euros. Thus, the overall estimate increased to nearly 1.5 billion euros. After this, the EBRD has allocated 350 million Euro, and the EU and the “Big seven” — an additional 165 million euros. The balance of the missing funds was collected at the donors conference held in Kiev in April of the current year.

In the construction of the arch in the most active building phases were involved in up to 1200 people, the installation of shelters was carried out in 250 metres from the unit in order to reduce the radiation exposure of workers. The sarcophagus on the fourth pull unit with the help of special rails and jacks.

The new sarcophagus is a large technological complex with a height of 110 meters, width of 260 meters, 150 meters long and weighing 31 tons, which is equipped with special equipment. Inside of the new sarcophagus mounted cranes that will be used when parsing the old shelter. The design service life of new structures is 100 years.