Vice-speaker of the Italian Parliament criticized the EP resolution on the Russian media

Вице-спикер парламента Италии раскритиковал резолюцию ЕП о российских СМИ

Deputy Chairman of the chamber of deputies of the Italian Parliament, one of the leaders of the influential oppositional “movement of 5 stars” (Д5З) Luigi Di Maio has criticized the European Parliament adopted a resolution on “countering the propaganda of third parties”, under which it refers to Russia and the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia).

“To carry out any analogy between Russia and DAISH (Arabic acronym for ISIS — ed.ed), from the point of view of international signals, it seems to me quite hostile step”, — said Vice-speaker in an exclusive interview with RIA Novosti.

“For this reason, representatives Д5З and did not vote for this resolution. You can speculate as to the mechanisms for disseminating information and influence other countries, but make such an analogy is unacceptable,” said Di Maio.

Last week the European Parliament adopted a resolution called “Strategic communication of the EU as a counter-propaganda of the third parties.” The paper argues that Russia allegedly provides financial support to opposition political parties and organizations in the countries-EU members, uses the factor of bilateral interstate relations to divide members of the community. As the main information-related threats to the EU and its partners in Eastern Europe resolution called Sputnik, RT, Fund “Russian world” and subordinated to the Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Federal Agency “Rossotrudnichestvo”. The resolution contains a number of unfounded accusations, including compares the activity of such media as Sputnik, with the activities of the terrorist group “Islamic state”.

691 MP who took part in the vote, in support of the document voted 304, against — 179, abstained — 208. Thus, clearly the adoption of the document voted less than half of voters.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, commenting on the adoption of this resolution, congratulated the journalists of RT and Sputnik with productive work. However, he noted that this document is apparent degradation of the conception of democracy in Western society. According to Putin, he is counting on a triumph of common sense and hopes that the real limitations for the Russian media will not.

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