Adventure Marouani in Moscow: the culprit, “the million Kirkorov,” the night in the police Department

Приключения Маруани в Москве: пранкеры, "миллион от Киркорова" и ночь в ОВД

French musician Didier Marouani and his lawyer Igor Trunov, was detained in Moscow because of charges of extortion million euros from Philip Kirkorov. Later both were released from the police Department and ordered to appear to testify.

In early November the leader of the group Space Didier Marouani filed a court claim to recover from Kirkorov 75 million rubles. The Frenchman accused the Russian singer of copyright infringement — supposedly the song Kirkorov “tough love” is the processing of Symphonic Space Dream. He loves all of the claims rejected.

Evening with the police

According to Trunova, the artists have agreed to conclude an amicable agreement and compensation.

Marouani arrived in Moscow on Tuesday came to a branch of Sberbank. There side Kirkorov, by design, was supposed to transfer money for settlement of the conflict. The lawyer Kirkorov Alexander Dobrovinsky said earlier that the Russian singer any negotiations with Maruani not conducted.

According to Dobrovinsky, Marouani and Trunova caught red-handed by transfer of money. The musician has spent in OVD “Basmannoe” a few hours, after which the police released him, taking a cell phone.

Wife Trunova and Marouani lawyer Lyudmila Aivar said that the musician does not extorted money from Kirkorov and that they had to come to an agreement. She stressed that the defense has proof talks — recordings of telephone conversations and correspondence on the Internet. According to her, the man himself offered compensation and came to the Bank, where Trunova and Marouani was waiting for the police.

The course of prankery

Later it turned out that the negotiations about the amount of 1 million euros for the settlement agreement from persons Kirkorov were the culprit of “Vova” and “Lexus”. According to Dobrovinsky, they disguised Kirkorov contacted Marouani and suggested “close the topic” for a million euros. When the Frenchman showed interest, “Vova” and “Lexus” turned to the lawyers of the Russian singer.

“We just gave him the materials, and apparently the lawyers Dobrovinsky felt that there is a suspicion of extortion… in those things which are written Marouani ostensibly Kirkorov” — said Kuznetsov —”Vovan” the TV channel “Russia 24”.

Kuznetsov told RIA Novosti that initially wanted to ask Marouani the essence of his claim against Kirkorov. The letter response was received, a Frenchman, wrote that the conflict can be solved if the singer will make a “serious offer”.

“Marouani gave a few days of “Kirkorov” that made him a “serious offer,” added “Vova”.

The Prancer says that this is their part in the scandal and over — on the sides have negotiated all conditions independently.

“When I insolently began to extort money and threaten, I turned to our law enforcement agencies”, — told “Russia 24” the say.

A counter-suit

Wednesday Trunov said that Marouani plans to file a lawsuit of copyright infringement Kirkorov in the us Supreme court. According to him, this possibility is now being discussed with the French musician.

He Marouani later told reporters that it will be feeding on Kirkorov’s statement on defamation and his detention called “bad detective play”. According to him, in the savings Bank Department assistant of a lawyer Dobrovinsky laid out two packs of 500-dollar bills.

“But it was substantially less than the amount we agreed upon. We pointed it out. Then say, Dobrovinsky and his assistant pointedly, the theatre left the office and rushed to the police. We were the victims, hostages of a situation”, — said the musician.

Marouani stressed that he is ready to give investigators 63 letters to prove that they wrote not the culprit, and he loves it! In addition, the lawyer of the musician said that he wrote the statement in which asks to bring to criminal responsibility Kirkorov and Dobrovinsky for obviously false denunciation.

Trunov also said that the police detained him and Marouani violations: not allowed to call, rudely treated.

“Protecting the rights of Didier Marouani, we prepared for a long trial. And if need be, will come to the European court of human rights”, said Trunov.