At Kursk after the reconstruction will open the estate of Afanasy FET

Под Курском после реконструкции откроют усадьбу Афанасия Фета

The only surviving manor house of the poet Afanasii FET on Friday will open its doors to visitors after about five years of reconstruction in the Kursk region, said on Wednesday the administration of the region.

Manor house in the village of Vorob’evka Zolotukhinskiy district was acquired by the FET in 1877 the descendants of General Rtishchev. In it, the poet spent the last 15 years of his life. Here he wrote the poetic cycle “the Evening lights”. In Soviet times the estate was located a post office, club, shop, farm house, shops, school. In 2010, the estate became a branch of the Kursk regional Museum of local lore, has the status of an object of cultural heritage of Federal importance. Reconstruction of the estate began in 2011. On the restoration of the regional budget was sent to 53 million rubles.

“The second of December at 11.00 in the village of Vorob’evka Zolotukhinskiy district of the Kursk region will be opened for visitors after many years of reconstruction the only surviving to the present estate of Afanasy FET”, — stated in the message.

According to regional administration, in the former estate of the poet carried out the restoration of the first floor. Restored the writer’s study and butlers pantry, remodeled the front room from which exit to the terrace, a bedroom of the wife of the FET of Maria Petrovna. In addition, the renovated wing room. Now here is the tour Desk — building where the administration office, and workplaces of employees.

“Recreated as close as possible to the atmosphere: acquired antique and restored antique furniture, home decor items, made copies available in home paintings and portraits, reconstructed the interior rooms of the house”, — noted by the regional authorities.

During the reconstruction of the estate builders in the pantry found a window through which the servants were filed Afanasy FET tea at his workplace. Another small niche, about which nothing was known, was found near the stairs to the second floor.

Restoration work in the estate will continue. The planned fence construction, repair and conversion into a concert and exhibition halls of the buildings, which housed the stables and coach house. In addition, restore the Park, which for years was cut down by the local population. All the trees that remembered of the writer, were cut down, survived up to the present time, only one elm tree.