Books for December: the New confession of Cabra and a collection of short stories by Mikhail Shishkin

Книги на декабрь: Новая исповедь Кабре и сборник рассказов Михаила Шишкина

Story writer, repeating the shape of music, from the Catalan Jaume Cabra, a novel about an incredible girl Emma Donoghue, epic canvas of Alexei Ivanov, France at the beginning of the Second world war in the interpretation of American Kristin Hannah and a collection of short fiction Mikhail Shishkin is among the literary novelties of December.

“The shadow of the eunuch”

Outstanding Catalan writer Jaume Cabra became known in Russia only a year ago, when Russian moved his terrific detective and psychological novel “I confess”, the story which unfolds around the old violin “with history”. Publishing house “Azbuka-Atticus” continues to acquaint readers with the work of Cabra. The hero of “the shadow of the eunuch” once again becomes the artist — sentimental and amorous writer, the descendant of an ancient family named Mikel Ginsana. Once in the house of his childhood, he recalls the fate of all loved and lost people to them. Form of the novel follows the structure of the Violin Concerto by the Austrian composer-expressionist Alban Berg, who became his last finished work. Translation of the book was carried out by Alexander Grebennikov.


Irish novelist and playwright Emma Donoghue, author of the acclaimed novel “Room,” about a little boy who spent five years in the same room, not knowing that is in captivity at the maniac, in his book “the Miracle” brings the reader into the middle of the XIX century. In the story, a remote village in Ireland becomes a centre of attraction for the onlookers from around the world. Here is found an eleven year old girl that is four consecutive months without food, but feels alive and healthy. Self-interest interwoven in the book with the true belief in miracles. The novel will be released in the publishing house “Azbuka-Atticus” translated by Irina Ivanchenko.

“The Nightingale”

American author Kristin Hannah is known primarily as the author of sentimental women’s novels. After the book “the Nightingale”, which has become an absolute bestseller last year, the critics unanimously agreed that for Hannah this piece was a real literary breakthrough. The author refers to the outbreak of the Second world war and wrote the heart-wrenching story of two sisters trapped in occupied by the German invaders of France. Senior Vivian, left with one daughter, survives in a quiet village next to the German officer who occupies her house. Junior Isabelle joins the Resistance in Paris. A book about the war from the female point of view is published by the “Phantom Press”, her translation of Mary Alexandrov.

“Tobol. Many are called”

The applicant for the award “the Big book” this year (and the winner in the nomination “Prose of the year” for his novel “stormy weather”) Alexey Ivanov continues to delight new products fans of his writing talent. This time he is working on large-scale art-historical painting entitled “Tobol”, which will be published in two books — “Tobol. Many are called” and “Tobol. Few are chosen.” Material for works of Ivanov served as scenes from the history of Siberia of the Petrine era. The book is a synthesis of genres, combining political Thriller in the decorations of the XVIII century, the historical novel and fantasy. “Tobol”, a publication which deals with “Revision of Elena Shubina”, will also continue in the form of an eight-serial drama series script Ivanov and documentary book “the Jungle”.

“Coat with strap”

For fans of small forms, is preparing to release a collection of short stories by Mikhail Shishkin “Coat with half-belt”, named after the eponymous novel by author, 2010. The winner of numerous literary awards, author of the novels “Notes Larionov”, “Venus hair”, “Dark” and others, Shishkin writes about childhood and adolescence, the prose of Vladimir Nabokov and Robert Walser, Soviet soldiers and aserca Lidia Kochetkova. The book will be published by “Edition Elena Shubina”.