Carlsen and Karjakin will determine the winner of the chess crown on a tie-break

Карякин и Карлсен определят обладателя шахматной короны на тай-брейке

The destiny of a chess crown, which is in new York fighting against Russian Sergey Karjakin and the current holder of the title to the Norwegian Magnus Carlsen, to determine the results of tie-break: after 12 games with classic time control the score in the decisive match tie — 6-6.

Only two games of the match ended effective: Karjakin in the eighth meeting with the black pieces defeated Carlsen recognized the defeat after the 52nd move. The international chess Federation punished the Norwegian penalty of 10% bonus for early exit from a press conference, later this amount was reduced to 5%.

In the tenth installment native of Simferopol, also playing black, had the opportunity to work hard to achieve a draw in the middlegame, however, chose another sequel and eventually lost.

In other games, the opponents scored half the points, with the latter made “the world” after the 30th move.

Now the players have to sort things out on a tie-break: first there will be four parties in fast chess (rapid), time control — 25 minutes, adding ten seconds per move. By lot Karjakin will begin the first batch with the white pieces.

If to reveal the winner will not succeed and will be followed by two blitz game with time control of five minutes plus three seconds per move. If the score remains equal, the Russian and Norwegian will play a maximum of four blitz-match of the two parties.

What explains the increased attention to the confrontation between Carlsen and Karjakin?

If all five blitz matches will determine the winner, will play the decisive game — “Armageddon”, in which white has five minutes and black four, adding three seconds after the 61st move. White for winning the title need to win in case of a tie, the champion will be the player playing the black pieces.

The budget of the match is about six million dollars, the prize Fund is one million dollars.

Last time the Russian chess player had the championship title almost ten years ago: Vladimir Kramnik in 2006 he defeated Veselin Topalov of Bulgaria, but in 2007, the Indian Viswanathan Anand won the world championship and retained the title until 2013.

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