Chain hysterics. Why dance Tatiana Navka aroused social networks and media

Цепная истерика. Почему танец Татьяны Навки всполошил соцсети и СМИ

Anastasia Melnikova, columnist MIA “Russia today”

A stormy discussion in social networks about the performance on ice Tatyana Navka and Andrei Bourkovski do not cease, and in recent days has moved the boundaries of Russia. Posts about collected thousands (!) comments (as, for example, on the page facebook official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova).

The world’s media, including CNN, BBC, The New York Times, The Guardian, published materials and reports about dance to the music from the movie “Life is beautiful” (La vita è bella).

And it already looks like some sort of artificially escalate the hysteria, and about which obviously does not involve such a large-scale online debates.

Let me remind you, last Saturday, Tatiana and Andrei in the “Ice age” (the First channel) performs a number in the form of concentration camp prisoners in striped uniforms with the star of David on his chest.

The theme of the competition that day was the famous films. Pair together with coach Ilya Averbuch selected for performances of the song Beautiful That Way from the tragicomedy Roberto Benigni’s “Life is beautiful”. In the dance room parents are prisoners of pretend play “beautiful life” for her child, to protect him from the horrors of the concentration camp and not allow to realize what a terrible reality they all are.

15-year-old skater, then let me remind you, became a world champion in the team competition, and the film Director Steven Spielberg then sent Julia a letter with praise.

Room on motives of the same movie in 2013, danced and Tatiana Navka.

Leading “Ice age,” Marat Basharov then cheerfully like a circus entertainer, declared: “the Schindler’s list — Tatiana Navka and Kolganov Vadim!”. And nothing, no loud headers and wrap the threads in social networks.

Just then, the Olympic champion was not the wife of the press Secretary of the Russian President — that is, and the infopovod for an international scandal like as not.

Fine line: how still dance and sing about the Holocaust

The Holocaust is now reflected in all new genres, forms and subjects, it start to speak differently- not only the language of documentary records and show terrible shots of the concentration camps.

With the plot of “Life is beautiful” echoes, for example, the plot of the movie “toy Wonderland” (2009, Oscar for best short film): German Frau tells your child that his friend David is not sent to a concentration camp, and in a kind of “Toyland”. Only here Henry decided to go on a “magical journey” followed David.

Among the notable and awarded various prizes films connected with the theme of the Holocaust — “the gold-rimmed Spectacles”, “Sophie’s Choice”, “Susskind”, “labyrinth of silence” and Russian film “Shoes” directed by Konstantin FAM.

The film “Shoes” has received over 10 international prizes, including at the Jewish festival in San Diego, and in 2012 was nominated from Russia for “Oscar”.

In the novel the main “heroine” is a shoes, women’s shoes. The frame is not visible persons, no dialogue, just music.

This year the Yekaterinburg Opera and ballet theatre presented the Opera “the Passenger” by Moisey Weinberg on the autobiographical play by Zofia Posmysz — the fate of the prisoners of Auschwitz.

And in St. Petersburg in 2015 in the Academic theatre of ballet. Jacobson was staged one-act play “Stone beach”:

Цепная истерика. Почему танец Татьяны Навки всполошил соцсети и СМИ

Surely, the performances of “Stone beach” and “the Passenger” would not have stylistic and ideological claims of the category “all for sale” “how it went” and “television show camp uniforms is a disgrace” (and similar comments about dance of the “Ice age” now a lot). In these and other works on the theme of war and suffering — most often the usual supply.

Room for “Ice age” really stands out from the traditional style of staging such scenes.

A large part of dance is the feelings of men and women who love and protect each other and their child.

Цепная истерика. Почему танец Татьяны Навки всполошил соцсети и СМИ
Freeze the video from the First channel with the performance of Tatiana Navka and Andrei Bourkovski in the TV show “Ice age”

Around — unusual for the Holocaust beauty: bright lighting design, glitter, flowers. Of course, the style is not like in the film, Benigni, but this, at least, another reality television and other technical capabilities, different time (tragicomedy “Life is beautiful” was filmed almost 20 years ago).

Of course, using the latest capabilities of television, it was possible to make a tragic, mournful air — as usual. But the plot of the movie “Life is beautiful” is unusual in that illusory beauty, the great deception for salvation, an attempt to create for his son a beautiful world in the darkness of the concentration camps.

Smile! It’s very annoying?



Tatiana and Andrew while dancing to an imaginary child was often smiling, their bouncy movement seemed unnatural at times — and it is quite adequate to the plot of the game and is it easy to be cheerful when around the horror? If it was just a room of a happy family, of course, the emotions would have been other than deliberate.

And all under a lovely composition Beautiful That Way by the Israeli singer Noa. Her clip, thin, delicate, kind of carefree: the singer runs around-plays with a little boy, all of this is interspersed with clips from the film, including the camp — which, however, does not disturb anyone, anyone’s feelings are not offended.

Цепная истерика. Почему танец Татьяны Навки всполошил соцсети и СМИ

Still, it is surprising that a work written not for aesthetes, but for the mass audience of the popular TV show has caused so much controversy both in Russia and abroad. But it is also the search for new artistic forms — so it turns.

And it’s completely normal that someone don’t like it, someone seems to be invalid, and we can debate the “Holocaust on ice” from the standpoint of style and art. But that’s what these tantrums?