France has pronounced a sentence to participants of the scuffle in the office Air France

Во Франции вынесли приговор участникам потасовки в офисе Air France

The court of the French town of Bobigny ruled on Wednesday the verdict in the case about the brawl in the office of Air France in October 2015.

In October 2015, Air France management presented its anti-crisis plan, under which the company had a reduction of about 3 thousand jobs and the decline of the program of long-haul flights. The meeting was disrupted by members of the trade unions, which broke into the hall and staged a brawl, which injured seven people.

During the scuffle, the workers and turned his wrath on two officials: the head of human resources Xavier Broseta and is responsible for long-haul flights Pierre Plusone. Under the abusive shouts of the crowd broke off on men blazers and shirts, only escorted a half-naked managers were able to escape.

As the channel LCI, one of the participants in the attack on the leadership of the company was sentenced to four months imprisonment on probation, two received three-month suspended sentence. Two more defendants were acquitted.