In Australia, protesters disrupted the meeting of the Parliament

В Австралии протестующие сорвали заседание парламента

About 40 activists advocating for the closure of the refugee camps on remote Islands of Oceania, disrupted the meeting of the Parliament of Australia, reported ABC.

The protesters entered the galleries for the press and public, and began to shout: “Close the camps”, “Bring them (the refugees) here.” As a result, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had to leave the room.

“We are gathered here today because you were leading the world in violence.”, — shouted the demonstrators.

As the channel reports, some activists in protest glued themselves to railings. After about half an hour after the start of the protests the security personnel have been withdrawn from the gallery’s latest demonstrator. Some had to use force: the guards pushed several people to the ground and dragged along the corridors. Part of the protest continued in the lobby.

Australia pursues a very strict policy towards refugees arriving on its territory. When asylum seekers arrive to the shores of the continent the Australian government deny them placement. As a rule, they are sent back to the country of departure or refer to a microstate of Nauru, which is located on one of the Islands of Oceania, or to the island of Manus in Papua New Guinea. As of October 31, in the refugee center on the island of Manus was 872 people, on the island of Nauru — 390.