In Bangkok detained three suspects in the preparation of explosions

В Бангкоке задержали трех подозреваемых в подготовке взрывов

Thai police detained three natives of the southern provinces of the country, charged with the preparation of six bombings in tourist areas of Bangkok, said on Tuesday the online version of Nation newspaper.

All three were earlier arrested by the military authorities in their home province Nevsehir in violation of applicable special safety regime, but on Tuesday morning, the provincial court released them from custody. Immediately after the release, all three were detained by police. The decree for their arrest was issued last Friday by the Criminal court of Thailand in Bangkok. They are accused of illegal possession of explosives and the establishment of illegal community, reports the edition with reference to the police authority of Thailand.

All three were charged, said Tuesday the Deputy chief of the national police of Thailand, General Sivar RangePlus, whose words are quoted by the edition.

“The investigation has evidence that the suspects between September to 17 October of the current year met three times to discuss the details of the impending explosions, the first time in the room for the building of a mosque in the Bangkok district of Ramkhamhaeng, then in a rented apartment in Samut Prakan (Bangkok’s neighboring, it is the international airport of Suvarnabhumi) and in a detached house in the province of Nevsehir”, — said the General.