In Saratov police Colonel killed a pedestrian in the official car

В Саратове полковник полиции сбил пешехода на служебном автомобиле

A company car under the control of police Colonel was shot down in Saratov the pedestrian who ran across the road in the wrong place, said Wednesday the press service of the regional interior Ministry cupola.

The accident occurred on Tuesday at 19.30 MSK in front of the house №1 on street Ust-Kurdyumskaya.

“The inhabitant of Saratov 65 years in the dark trying to cross the roadway outside pedestrian area in front of an oncoming vehicle and was hit by the official car “Lada 21154″ running in uniform on duty the Colonel of police”, — is spoken in the message.

In the accident the victim was hospitalized with injuries of varying severity.

The interior Ministry said that a police officer was sober. The accident launched a service check.