In the Arctic the woman okoloushnuju handle sons can go for treatment

В Заполярье женщину, исколовшую ручкой сыновей, могут отправить на лечение

Suffering from a mental disorder resident of the city of Severomorsk, which, sickened by a 5-year old and one year old sons stabbed them with a ballpoint pen, will appear before the court to resolve the question of the application to it of forced measures of medical character, reported in the SU IC in the Murmansk region.

Investigators determined that 33-the summer inhabitant of Severomorsk, at home in September this year intentionally on the basis of a sudden hostile relations “has caused at least thirteen traumatic impacts to the head and chest by the sharp end of the rod of a ballpoint pen to his son, 2011 year of birth and not less than two blows with the palm of the hand, and the traumatic effects of the writing part of the rod of a ballpoint pen in the head of his younger son 2015 birth.”

The doctors concluded that the mother caused the sons of physical pain and injuries as abrasions and bruises. The cries of children heard a neighbor and called the police.

“According to the conclusion complex psihologo-psychiatric judicial examination, conducted during the preliminary investigation, untried suffering currently a chronic mental disorder at the time of the crime did not realize actual nature and public danger of his actions and could control them”, — stated in the message.

The experts concluded that the mental health of the woman is not a danger to himself or others, however, there is a possibility of causing by it of other essential harm, so it needs the application to it of forced measures of a medical nature in a psychiatric hospital.

It is reported that criminal case is directed to court for decision on the application to women of compulsory measures of a medical nature.