In the OP are ready to invite the proponents of new sanctions to Moscow for Christmas

В ОП готовы пригласить инициаторов новых санкций в Москву на Рождество

The Chairman of Commission OP of the Russian Federation on development of public diplomacy and support of compatriots abroad Elena sutormina ready to invite German parliamentarians in Moscow for the Christmas holidays in response to the proposal to impose new sanctions against Russia.

The publication Spiegel reported that the German parliamentarians again demanded to impose new sanctions against Russia — with such appeal to the German government and the EU asked the head of the Bundestag Committee on foreign Affairs Norbert röttgen and the Deputy from party “Green” Francis Brantner. The need for new sanctions due to the situation in Syria, the responsibility for which lies with the Russian. According to the parliamentarians, the EU should take concrete steps in the near future. In the offer document the introduction of new sanctions says that “it should not be so responsible for war crimes were flying on Christmas shopping in Munich or Paris, while in Syria dying women and children”.

“It is with great pleasure to invite German parliamentarians in Moscow on Christmas vacation, so they were convinced that for the sake of entertainment and shopping modern Russia to leave certainly does not make sense. The weather we have, by the way, the holidays can be much more pleasant, frosty and Sunny, since we supply German politicians are talking today in this ironic vein,” said stormin RIA Novosti.

However, she stressed that “it is unclear why strengthening tension in state relations.” In this case, “reasoning about deprivation of the “Christmas shopping in Paris and Munich,” those responsible for alleged war crimes,” according to the Storming, read “frankly ridiculous and stupid.”

“Undignified story with fresh proposals of German parliamentarians on new sanctions against Russia. Shocking are the allegations of attacking civilian targets on the territory of Syria, our armed forces, I am sure that all of the existing deputies gaps in information can comprehensively and deployed to respond to domestic security agencies,” said stormin.