In the Swedish kindergarten punish the child, who refused to say “Amen”

В шведском детсаду наказали ребенка, отказавшегося сказать "аминь"

Three-year-old who refused to say “Amen” in one of the private kindergartens in the province of västerbotten in the North-East Sweden, was punished, reports TV channel SVT.

The employees filed a complaint with the school inspection with the wording “serious violation of religious freedom of children”

One of the main directions in the work of the kindergarten, which runs this child is education in the spirit of Christianity. Usually, when children sit down to eat, they are encouraged to say a prayer and say “Amen”, said SVT. But when a three year-old (gender not specified) refused to say “Amen”, he was left to sit at the table with the teacher, while other children went to play.

“That happened only once. We sat at the table at tea time. The child does not want to follow the procedures, so the child was left at the table, yet it was possible to communicate. But the child sat at the table too long, we should break this up before,” said the Swedish newspaper Folkbladet in the garden, commenting on the incident.

The incident is being investigated by local authorities. The management of the kindergarten, in a letter to the Supervisory authorities assured that usually, children are not forced to read prayers and that the incident was the result of “conflict”. What is not specified.