Kyiv promises to provide additional assistance to victims of euromaidan

Киев обещает оказать дополнительную помощь пострадавшим на "евромайдане"

Ukrainian authorities to the anniversary of the “euromaidan” has decided to provide additional assistance to victims of the protests in Kiev in 2013-2014, they will be in the registry of beneficiaries, said on Wednesday Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

Earlier, the Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly taken decisions on assistance to the victims of the protests and their families.

“The results of today’s meeting of the Ministry received specific instructions to make victims “maidanova” in the single state automated registry of beneficiaries, to identify 107 million (about 4.1 million dollars — ed.), expenses for additional payments in the next year, to ensure all regulatory bases for a system support 950 people social, medical and financial aspects, to work with international partners on issues of treatment and rehabilitation of those who are most in need of help,” wrote the Prime Minister on Wednesday in Facebook.