Lawyer Marouani said that another song Kirkorov check for plagiarism

Юрист Маруани заявил, что еще одну песню Киркорова проверяют на плагиат

Another song of Philip Kirkorov already checked for plagiarism and further it may trial, a lawyer told a French musician Didier Marouani Igor Trunov at a press conference on the scandal with the Russian singer.

“We have hold expertise another Kirkorov song “Salma” on the subject of plagiarism. That is, are the steps for the preparation of a new claim,” — said Trunov.

According to the Maruani, this song is very similar to the song of his old friend, and he would insist on another trial.

Tuesday Trunov and his client Marouani was detained in one of the offices of Sberbank in Central Moscow. Kirkorov’s lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky’s claims that the lawyer and the musician caught red-handed during transfer of money amounts. The detention took place in the framework of the written police statements Kirkorov about the extortion, he said.

The second Marouani lawyer Lyudmila Aivar said that no extortion was not, and the Bank planned to sign a settlement agreement between the French musician and the Russian singer over the use of one of the songs of Marouani Kirkorov.

According to her statement, the man himself offered to pay Marouani compensation for copyright infringement.