Media: Russian Railways intend to set up at railway stations, their network

СМИ: РЖД намерены создать на железнодорожных станциях сеть МФЦ

Russian Railways are planning to create railway stations nationwide network of multifunctional centres (MFC) customer service where you can pay utility bills, repay a loan or to buy movie tickets, announced in a Wednesday newspaper “Izvestia”.

Project MFC is already implemented in Nizhny Novgorod region.

“The pilot project of the multipurpose centers of service of passengers started on the basis of the railway infrastructure of JSC “Volga-Vyatka suburban passenger company”. Most of the services already available to the public. If the project is successful and the MFC services will be in demand, it will be developed in other regions”, — told the newspaper in a press-service of Russian Railways.

Now in these centers you can issue tickets to entertainment events, tourist destinations, to pay for educational services, fines and taxes, and to avail banking services including remittances and loan repayments. As noted in the newspaper, pay for mobile communication at a railway station in Nizhny Novgorod region can possible in the region by the Commission 3%. Other payments — including utilities — are taking in the MFC without a fee.

Currently, the Railways are considering the possibility to Supplement the list of services provided in the DCP, public services, for example, registration of passports, certificates and other documents.

When the Railways plans to open centres in other regions, the company said.

“We are working with the clientele that lives in the area, not very advanced and are accustomed to go somewhere with receipts. Basically these are payments for electricity, gas, water and rent. Mail and Sberbank at the moment are trying to transfer these payments to the self-service terminals. But not all this positive attitude, as many of us used to go “to the person”. The niche we’re trying to do — those who used to go to the person, let the person go. In this case, will specifically not be going — I arrived by train, went to the cashier and paid for”, — told “Izvestia” head of the passenger service of “Volga-Vyatka suburban passenger company” Leonid Tikhonov.