More than 40 spiritual and social projects implemented in Vologda

Более 40 социальных и духовных проектов реализуют на Вологодчине

More than 40 projects will be carried out according to the results of the grant competition “Orthodox initiative in the Vologda land”, they implement the parishes of the churches, diocesan offices, institutions of education and culture, centres of social service of the population, reported Wednesday RIA Novosti the first Deputy Governor of the Vologda region Alexey Shelygin.

According to him, during the month the contest received 54 applications, including 28 of the small towns and villages of the Vologda region. The Advisory Council has identified 44 projects recommended for funding. According to the regulations of the competition all projects approved by expert Council, shall be carried out from 1 February to 30 may 2017.
The organizers of the Fund for humanitarian and educational initiatives “Cooperation”, the Vologda Archdiocese and the government of the region.

“The government implements and supports grant projects aimed at the development of civil initiatives. In this case we are talking about a specialized contest, which aims to promote Orthodox initiatives, socio-cultural projects for the development of spirituality and preservation of national and Orthodox heritage. This competition is held for the first time, and we are ready to provide full organizational and informational support,” said Shalygin.

He added that the projects will be financed from two sources. Thus, at least 50% of the necessary funds until January 10 will be attracted by the sponsors of the initiatives. Only under this condition they can count on the financial support of the Foundation’s humanitarian and educational initiatives “Cooperation”.