Moscow and the Perm region topped the ranking in the field of cultural heritage

Москва и Пермский край возглавили рейтинг в сфере культурного наследия

The efficiency rating of Russian regions in the field of cultural heritage in 2015 in the lead Moscow, Perm Krai and Novosibirsk oblast, the head of the Department of material heritage of the Russian scientific research Institute cultural and natural heritage named after D. S. Likhachev Mikhail Gurov.

“We have three Champions, three winners. In the top League of Moscow and Perm Krai, the second League — Novosibirsk region”, — said the businessman during a press conference on multimedia Playground MIA “Russia today” on the topic: “efficiency Rating of regions in the field of cultural heritage”. Gurov added that the rating included all 85 regions.

The Director of the Russian Institute of cultural and natural heritage named after D. S. Likhachev Arseny Mironov stressed that the development of rating did the whole year the best specialists worked at pametnicite, art historians and others.

“The main problem that we faced that the regions of non-equilibrium. There are regions which swept the Great Patriotic war… As we compare St. Petersburg and Kalmykia, Moscow and other regions. We have prepared a methodology that allows to evaluate how the nature has blessed the regions of cultural monuments, and how well they work with the local administration, ” — said Mironov. According to him, data collected in 2015.

Deputy Director of the Department of control, supervision and licensing in the field of cultural heritage, Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation Alexander Rabotkevich said that the last few years, the Ministry of culture prepares an annual General report on Culture in Russia and for this you need detailed information. “We believe that this is a complex and high-quality work, which in future will allow to prepare (this report — ed.)”, — he said, noting that these will be the basis and for the Department was to prepare its proposals.