New South Ossetian Parliament will be elected under a mixed system

Новый парламент Южной Осетии будет избираться по смешанной системе

The Parliament of South Ossetia passed amendments, according to which following legislative elections will be held under a majority-proportional system, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Half of the deputies will be elected on party lists, the other in single-mandate constituencies.

The system of elections of deputies changed in South Ossetia repeatedly. The first Parliament was elected by the majority system. The mixed system in the country has begun to enter the third convocation deputies. First the percentage was 50/50, later designated majorities is limited to 10%. This norm was in force until 2009 — the fifth and subsequent convocations were elected only on proportional system, that is to receive the Deputy mandate it was possible only through membership in one of the parties.

“The new system makes it possible to equally distribute the seats in Parliament. The fact that a citizen is not a political party, it should not be an obstacle to his work in the legislature,” said the head of the Committee on legislation, legality and local self-government Olesya Kochieva.

Of 30 attended the meeting of the deputies for the adoption of the law voted on 29, one abstained.