Pamfilova said that four parties did not report on the Finance in time

Памфилова заявила, что четыре партии не отчитались о финансах в срок

Four parties of late have provided to the CEC reports on the receipt and expenditure of funds by another party not reported at all, said the head of the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation Ella Pamfilova at the Commission meeting on Wednesday.

“For the third quarter of this year, untimely quarterly reports submitted four of the party “Women of Russia”, “Labour party of Russia” “Party of small business” and “the Party of good deeds, protection of children, women, freedom, nature, and pensioners”, — Pamfilova said at the meeting of the CEC.

The party “Smart Russia” is not reported on their finances. “Against named parties will be drawn up under article 5.64 of the code of administrative offences of the Russian Federation”, — said the CEC head.

According to the law, deadlines for the submission of such information shall entail a warning or imposition of an administrative penalty as officials and the political party, its regional branch or other registered structural unit.