Pavel Dmitrichenko allowed to engage in the Bolshoi theatre

Павлу Дмитриченко разрешили заниматься в Большом театре

Former ballet dancer of the Bolshoi theatre Pavel Dmitrichenko, released from prison, only allowed to engage in the Bolshoi theater, told RIA Novosti press attache of the theatre Katerina Novikova.

The information that Dmitrichenko was taken to the theatre and what he practices, which had previously appeared in some media, the Bolshoi theater has denied.

“Nothing has changed since the beginning of the season. Yes, the Bolshoi theatre went to meet Pavel Dmitrichenko, who seeks to restore the form, and allowed to engage in the Bolshoi theatre. But to go to the theater it will be only on a General basis, on a competitive basis,” — said Novikov.