Peskov explained the different grades Putin and trump the role of Castro

Песков объяснил разные оценки Путиным и Трампом роли Кастро

The approaches of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the elected President of the USA of Donald trump to the basics of international politics overlap, but they are not identical, said press Secretary of the Russian head of state Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the different assessment of the role of Fidel Castro.

“They are not identical, of course, there may be differences. Approaches to the foundations of the main approaches — they are largely the same. But of course, there are discrepancies. In the case of the assessment of the role Castro, Yes, indeed, the differences are there,” — said Peskov told reporters, answering the question, is it still possible to speak about the closeness of the approaches of Putin and trump in international Affairs after a different assessment of the role of Fidel Castro.

The US President-elect Donald trump, who takes office on January 20, promises to break the agreement with Cuba if the authorities fail to take measures to improve the lives of Cubans and bilateral relations.

Fidel Castro died Friday evening (Saturday morning GMT) at the age of 90 years. The U.S. embargo against Cuba has been in place for over half a century. Because of the embargo enacted by Congress, only Congress can repeal it. While controlling both houses of Congress Republicans refuse to do it.