Pranker Vova: representatives Marouani and Kirkorov themselves agreed on the amount

Пранкер Вован: представители Маруани и Киркорова сами договорились о сумме

Pranker Vladimir Kuznetsov (Vova) told details of a scandal of extortion million euros from the singer Philip Kirkorov, which I suspect French musician Didier Marouani. The words of Prancer, he only gave the lawyers Kirkorov details of his conversation on behalf of the Russian singer with Maruani, after which the parties have directly agreed on the details of the meeting and the specific amount.

Lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky said earlier that the case of extortion of money from Kirkorov began with the fact that Didier Marouani called pranker Vova, and Lexus and offered to “close the subject” of plagiarism for a million euros.

“We just gave him the materials, and apparently the lawyers Dobrovinsky felt that there is a suspicion of extortion… in those things which are written Marouani ostensibly Kirkorov,” said Kuznetsov, the TV channel “Russia 24”.

The words of Prancer, of the details of the meeting place and a specific amount the parties agreed to have themselves.

“When I insolently began to extort money and threaten, I turned to our law enforcement agencies… In connection with these investigations before I had to fly to Moscow”, — told “Russia 24” Philip himself.

Tuesday Dobrovinsky has told RIA Novosti that Marouani and his lawyer Igor Trunov was caught red-handed by transfer of money. Lawyer Lyudmila Aivar, representing the interests of the French, said Maruani extorted Kirkorov million euros, and at the meeting they must come to global agreement about copyright violation.

Source RIA Novosti in law enforcement, in turn, said that police conducted with Trunov and Marouani conversation. Later, according to Ivar, both were delivered in OVD “Basmannoe”.

In early November the leader of the group Space Didier Marouani filed a court action for the collection of 75 million rubles for copyright infringement, claiming that the song “Brutal love,” which was played by Kirkorov, is the processing of Symphonic Space Dream. Trunov then said that a comprehensive study had established the fact of the borrowing of material by 43.27%.

Пранкер Вован: представители Маруани и Киркорова сами договорились о сумме
Didier Marouani and the group “Space”