Premiere week: “Allies” and Zemeckis directorial debut Wana McGregor

Премьеры недели: "Союзники" Земекиса и режиссерский дебют Юена МакГрегора

Military drama from Robert Zemeckis’s “Allies”with Brad pitt and Marion Cotillard, cartoon about a Princess and the aboriginal “Moana” from Disney studios, the directorial debut Wana McGregor’s “American pastoral” and the disaster film sarika Andreasian “Earthquake” can be seen in Russian cinemas, starting this week.


Historic eminent Robert Zemeckis drama “the Allies,” says the intelligence agent Max and participant resistance to Marianne, who during the Second world war meet on a dangerous mission in Casablanca and fall in love with each other. After the birth of their first child, max reported that his wife is actually a German intelligence agent and her need to kill. The main roles in the film played star Brad pitt and Marion Cotillard, and so well that even any rumors about their affair on the set. The actors of the second plan you can see Lizzy Caplan and Matthew Goode.

Zemeckis decided to create a big and beautiful story in the spirit of old Hollywood, and he partially succeeded. “Although it’s not a modern “Casablanca”, the film still tells his story in old fashioned style seasoning is all smart and stylish directing, a beautiful game, Brad pitt and even better — Marion Cotillard”, notes critic Peter Sobieski.

However, despite the undoubted style, according to most, the picture was superficial and somewhat mediocre. “How beautiful and empty was the film “Allies.” Despite the star power of pitt and Marion Cotillard, their scenes together does not contain even a hint of a spark of feeling,” — said critic Peter Travers of Rolling Stone. On the website Rotten tomatoes the critics have put the drama just 6.3 points out of 10, and the audience is 3.7 points out of 5.


This time the Disney Studio addresses the culture of Polynesia and Oceania. The heroine of the new animated film from the creators of Aladdin and the little Mermaid — Princess-aboriginal Moana, the daughter of the leader of a small tribe on an island in the Pacific ocean, which, as usual among the disney princesses, dreaming of the big world and adventure. She decides to go on a dangerous voyage on a couple of once-powerful demigod Maui, during which they fight dangerous sea monsters and trying to destroy the ancient curse. Cartoon left the critics and audiences enthralled — on Rotten tomatoes it received 8 out of 10 points from the first and 4.4 points out of 5 from the second.

“Animation is so beautiful that I have not enough words to describe it, and done so much the number of talented animators that do not count,” said Joe Morgenstern of the Wall street journal. According to critic Dave Kalona, cartoon contains a completely new message. “There is a Prince or a potential husband, discusses Moana’s future is completely defined by its leadership qualities and the ability to argue with all-knowing Maui”, — he explained.

American pastoral

One of the most charming Scots of our time actor Yuen McGregor decided to try himself as a Director and swung on the novel by Pulitzer winner Philip Roth. “American pastoral” is a panorama of the destruction of classic American values of the era of the Vietnam war, student protests, the gap of generational relations and the birth of alternative subcultures and ideologies.

The main role in his film McGregor no one trusted and played it myself. His character is a businessman Seymour Levov is in the midst of the conflict of generations. His daughter merry during anti-war protests explode a gas station and hiding from persecution. Seymour goes in search of his daughter, in the course of experiencing a total collapse of his own life, her normal way of life and values. Supported by McGregor in his directorial debut, Jennifer Connelly, Dakota Fanning, Ouzo Aduba and Rupert Evans.

Critics were not merciful to the star of “Moulin Rouge” — the painting was signed by only 4.7 points out of 10 on Rotten tomatoes. “The care and attention that McGregor has created a film that is impressive, and he deserves respect for their efforts, but this story better to read than to watch,” concluded critic Jamie East.


Russian-Armenian film sarika Andreasian based on the history of the Spitak earthquake of 1988. Tremors force up to 7 points for 30 seconds destroyed the city of Spitak, destroyed the other cities of the Republic, Leninakan (now Gyumri), Kirovakan (now Vanadzor) and Stepanavan. All of the earthquake affected 21 cities and 350 villages, and 58 of them were completely destroyed. According to official figures, killed 25 thousand, 140 thousand became invalids, 514 thousand homeless.

On the background of large-scale natural disasters tells the story of 45-year-old Konstantin Berezhnoy and 20-year-old Robert Melkonyan. Many years ago, Konstantin was in a car accident and was responsible for the death of an Armenian family, surviving only the small son Robert. He wants to take revenge on Constantine, but when he returns from prison to his family, a disaster happens and two characters are in the same rescue team. The film starred Konstantin Lavronenko, Maria Mironova, Daniil Izotov, Sabina Akhmedova, Victor Stepanian.

Andreasyan is known primarily for comedies of type “Pregnant” and “What men are doing!”, therefore, the “Earthquake” you can call it the most serious band. The film was nominated by Armenia for the “Oscar”, however the application was not accepted. As noted critic Boris Ivanov, the movie has no weak points, and from conversations that are not “wrapped ears.” According to him, the film can be accused of excessive sentimentality, but in this case it is forgivable.